Who Is Family Man Fitness For? (Really)

I’d like to help everyone but I’m sensible enough to know that’s impossible.

I’ve been at a point in my own life for a good few years now where I focus on helping people like me: those who are busy.

Maybe you’re a new parent (or you’re in the midst of parenthood). Maybe you’re juggling work, commitments, school, college, evening classes or any number of other extra curricular activities that make it hard to find time to drop some good old fashioned exercise into your life and schedule.

I get it. I am living that RIGHT NOW. I don’t know when it will stop…

But I’ve realized its now my new life and I’ve got used to it (even though it was a shock at first) and I’ve adjusted everything so I can stay healthy and get fit in the time I have available.

I’m happy to say that even though its very little time I am healthier now than 10-15 yrs ago.

I do less, I’m more efficient, and I’m even fitter.

If you can relate and would like to change your life, get fitter & healthier and finally work out the right way –  then go ahead and join me and allow me to help you on this journey to getting fit in much less time so you have control over your schedule to enjoy all the other great things in your life.

If that’s maybe not for you, cool, no worries at all, you’re encouraged to find another website that’s good for you as there are many out there on the WWW 🙂

That’s the black and white of who FMF is for.  I hope its you and I look forward to helping you.

Cheers and my best wishes,


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