My Mission.

We can all get fit & healthy AND have a life too...

The ‘Mission’ here at FamilyManFitness is pretty simple really:

Its to help people who are busy to finally get and stay fit and healthy, enjoy the process and realize that it can all fit seamlessly into their own lives and help them feel happy, proud and gain a new level of self confidence.

This could be a long drawn out explanation but that right there is what this site is about.

I’ll say now that if you’re after hardcore workouts for people who want to train all day, share stories of ‘bro-science nature’ and stare at themselves (or others) way too much in the gym I can’t help you.  That’s not me.  You can find many other websites out there on the interwebz that will be for you.


I want to help men and women (like you I’m guessing) who are starting to find that as your life gets busier, it feels as if you have even less time for fitness and getting a truly healthy, functional and impressive body.


That statement above doesn’t need to be the case. And it won’t be the case for you any more.


Many things can bombard our lives and seemingly rob us of the time to get fit or the motivation to even try.

Well I’m a very busy person (you can read a bit about me here) and over the years working with other busy people I’ve figured out how to balance my life, my commitments and also slot healthy, effective and quick workouts easily into my schedule as well as eat healthy and enjoyable foods. (Yep that includes foods I love that are definitely not ‘health foods’ 🙂  – I’ll simply go nuts if I don’t get baked salt and vinegar chips and a wide selection of other ‘non-healthy’ foods on occasions!)

On this journey I’ve created numerous short cuts to having my best body ever (through years of trial and error I might add) and I genuinely feel better now than I did when I wasn’t busy or slammed or overwhelmed…

So I’d like to help you experience the same.

You won’t need a lot of time.

And you don’t need to be confused.

You just need to join our growing community of like minded busy people and parents, and allow me to keep you updated and help you.

I’m really pleased you’re here and look forward to seeing you get starting…right about now.


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