Hmmm, what could Tristan be on about?
3 Foot?
I must read on…

So here we go – its quick fast workout time:

My kids watch me do this in our garage and think its funny I only need about 3ft square of space. They race around me on their scooters trying to put me off – and swing across me using my TRX bands like little gorillas – but its all good because I have ninja-like focus 😉
*Note: I can get fit and healthy standing in a bloody shoe-box if I have to. 🙂
So can you.
Now, you hear a lot of people say:
‘Work out from home.”
“You don’t need much space!”
“You can get fit in your living room!”
“Don’t go to the gym!”
Well here’s a workout you can do ANYWHERE (even in a prison cell – of course I trust you’re not in a  prison cell)
This is great for a hotel room too.
The 3 Foot Workout by Tristan (FamilyManFitness)
Chalk out (or mark with 4 towels etc) a square 3ftx3ft…
Grab some dumbbells (or some sort of weight.  Could be cans of food etc if you don’t have weights)
Do this: (never leaving your precious 3ft box…)
30 seconds running in place
30 seconds dumbbell curls
30 seconds high knees (put weights on floor at side of you – but don’t trip on them of course)
30 seconds dumbbell squats (hold dumbbell at shoulders level)
30 seconds kickbacks (love these)
30 seconds high knees
30 seconds bent rows
30 seconds explosion jumps (full body extensions)
If these are not clear message me and I’ll explain more)
Do this circuit 2-3 times.
There you go.  A 3 Foot Workout for the weekend.  This will kick your butt but will also ramp your body into EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)
Essentially you’ll burn fat for up to 48 hours after this.
Do this before dinner and you can gorge on carbs.
Why else would I do this 3ft workout? 😉
PS: You can us one of these to time this thing!
Fitness Apps, Fitness Apps, Fitness Apps….  
Have a good one and stay strong FMF Family.

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