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Join me here at FamilyManFitness where I help you get a healthy and fit body using quick workouts, researched health advice and fun fitness tips. Just click the button below to get your Simplified Fitness Gift Box and 7 Fast Workouts and I’ll see you inside…Thanks!

I’ll keep this simple:


Welcome to Family Man Fitness 🙂

Thanks very much for reading what I write – I’m grateful to be able to share my ideas, training and other stuff with you.

As I have said many times:  I’m an average writer (but I try) I’m a normal human (not some genetic freak) I like to stay fit and healthy and I do it more now as a role model for my children than for myself.  I won’t tell you I offer some fitness elixir to get you ripped like a supermodel in 21 days.

But I will say that I truly feel fitness and health can and should be a major part of your life.  And even if you’ve never worked out a day in your life its cool, no better time to start than now.

I’m here to help.

The truth is that getting fit and healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or something to fear.

I simply believe in fast, fresh workouts (that suit all ability levels) and that fit the lifestyle of busy people/parents just like me.

Link that with sensible eating tips that allow you to enjoy amazing foods (and not totally eliminate all the foods we feel a little guilty about but love nonetheless) and a new and enjoyable health journey begins – one that can easily become part of any busy person’s lifestyle.

Right here’s where that new journey begins for you: on a fun ride to a nice fit body and a manageable and healthy lifestyle – but still one where you can eat those awesome ‘cheat foods’, drink some alcohol if you wish and really enjoy time with friends and family as you live like a normal human being.


So What Next?

Just follow these 5 steps…

  1. I created the FREE Simplified Fitness Gift Box using some of my best quick bodyweight workouts in the design style of FitStickz (my Workout book series) – I’d like you to have it, try the 7 different workouts in your own schedule to help you begin changing your body, and allow me to keep in touch with news and updates to help you on this new journey…
  2. I’m going to be making live (and quick) workout and fitness tip videos you can view over on Facebook & Instagram. Go here to like the FamilyManFitness Facebook Page and join us so I can keep you in the loop over there.
  3. My Instagram can be found here.
  4. And here you can read my quick ‘Mission’ page.
  5. Lastly, if you’d share my website and information with friends and family who could benefit from quick and effective fitness guidance designed to slip nicely into a busy schedule then I’d greatly appreciate that.  You can click the share options on this page or any on the site.


And finally here is a bit about me and my life so far and why I can totally relate to you if you’re busy, stressed, overwhelmed and still keen to get fit and healthy

So I’ll conclude by saying thank you once more for checking out my website and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m happy to help.

See you inside.


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