I really regret eating healthy today…said no-one ever.

I’ve found that eating healthy is really satisfying.

Now I don’t equate eating healthy to being able to afford ridiculous amounts of food from trendy health stores.

If you can – cool.

But I focus on eating whole food options over processed options.

Don’t get me wrong:

I don’t eat that way all the time.  I am human.  I have temptations.  And I do eat pizzas, ice cream, burgers, Cadbury mini eggs (I go nuts for those) and many other foods that are not really going to cut it for a truly healthy body if you ate them every day.

If being healthy – inside and out – is your goal then you are going to want to manage the amount of processed foods you eat.

I DID NOT SAY eliminate them entirely.  Again, if you do, great.

I however, do not eliminate them.

Instead I do this:

(My simple way of eating and allowing myself ‘naughty foods’)

During the week I aim to eat whole healthy organic non processed foods.
– I focus on proteins a lot (eggs, meat etc)
– I am trying to eat more vegetables (I don’t dislike them, I’m just lazy about preparing them)
– I am eating more fruit (peaches and apples currently)
– I WORK OUT! here’s an important point.  I burn off calories and I do it so I can then eat CARBS around my workout times (evening/afternoon)
– I eat a lot of potatoes and rice after my workout.  Even at night 8-9pm
– Finally at the weekend I simply eat whatever it is I want. (we’ll go over this in a different email soon where we’ll discuss leptin / insulin and hormones we can manipulate to make it highly useful to eat what you want at the weekends)
NOTE:  I workout.  I would not do this if I sat on the couch all week long.
THEN I’d be concerned about ANY processed foods I ate.
So the take away from this is IF YOU WORKOUT (see my free workouts I give you at the blog etc) you are putting your body into a state where it can ‘use’ processed foods much better than a person who is sedentary.
Don’t freak out about all the different diet rules you see flying around the internet or on TV shows.
You might as well get one simply plan in your head and be aware of it and follow it…
Just eat as healthy as possible, limit processed foods a lot, workout and let go on weekends.  Rinse and repeat.
Yes, we could get SPECIFIC for any gender, body type, age, experience level…
But for right now let me keep it simple for you and at least try to help with a clear and easy to follow REAL WORLD guide to eating well and not ever feeling guilty or feeling as if your constantly failing if you are not 100% organic and processed food free.
*One last thing:  I would highly advise you avoided sugar as much as possible no matter what.
Ok, have a good one 🙂
Keep on keeping on FMF Family.


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