My Thoughts on What Works To Change Your Body...

I believe in proven foundations to change our bodies for good.

This is what I believe.  This is how you change your body.


My simple belief….

I’ve been in the health industry a long time.

I like helping others. I like to stay fit myself. It’s a rush, an addiction and a great feeling that never fades.

And it should be said that even if I was the last person on earth, I’d workout and stay healthy.  Even if I was totally alone, stranded on a desert island. (Coconut oil a plenty and pull ups from palm trees don’t sound too bad.)

Over the years I’ve seen a lot and I have also tested and tried a lot of diverse ‘fitness protocols’.

The solutions I’ve come to trust and now stick to for my own health and that of my children, family, friends and you is the 2 (well now we could say 3) things below:


1) I believe a person needs to focus on old school progressive strength training – no matter their age or experience. And done right it can be satisfying, quick and enjoyable – not least because it will give you genuine results. I believe we should always try to lift a little more and improve our muscle strength – no matter our age.

2) I believe (and this is simplified but really it’s the basis of fat loss) most normal people simply need to understand the right way to track their food / calories and create an energy deficit. (simply: burn off more energy than they consume)

I will explain more about these 2 pillars of my fitness beliefs throughout this site.


But I said it could be 3 didn’t I?

Well the third foundation and the newest that I’ve come to believe is a valuable and truly useful component for anyone wanting to get fitter, stronger and and lose fat is the correct use of what would generally be known as:


3) Metabolic Conditioning Training (MCT) – I call this Intensity Training but it can be considered fast, effective body weight and resistance workouts performed with varying sets, reps and effective proven exercise.


This does not become the new exercise foundation we’ll focus solely on and forget anything else.  It’s purely a great bonus feature to enhance performance and results and something I’ve seen tremendous success with.

Strength training for men and women will always be the foundation. Because without strong and efficient muscles your fat burning potential is diminished greatly.

Finally, let me list a few extras that will be discussed and added to your arsenal to get the results you wish.


  • Cardio performed correctly
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Correct Sleep


As we progress over these coming weeks, months and years we’ll uncover lots of research, fun facts, workouts and breaking news to help you on your journey.

But for now, I want you to know what is going to work for you.

And keep it simple and enjoyable along the way so this all fits into your lifestyle easily.

After all, as with anything else in life there have been people before us who’ve proven over time the optimal way to do things.

Yes new ideas come and they also go…

But as far as this site is concerned we shall build a foundation on proven methods and then use other protocols as touch ups or nice alternatives to make our workouts even more effective.


In Conclusion…

So to conclude I would like you to know that these foundations above will be the rocks that your fit, muscular, lean body will be built upon.

Anything else – the latest and greatest flavor of the month fitness fad from late night TV etc – will take always take a distant second place.

So go ahead and check out the site, the blog, my FitStickz books & workouts series, the links and articles and everything else here and I trust that each one leads you closer to your new fitter body plus a simple understanding that us humans should:


– eat healthy and sensibly but also enjoy great foods and ‘cheat’ a little and often…
– build muscular strength to create the platform that then allows fat loss, athletic performance and a fit and attractive body
– understand we really should burn off more energy than we consume (i.e. do more active stuff and less sitting in comfortable laziness)


It is not hard.

None of this will take hours from your day.

All in all working out and eating the right amount of foods your body needs will become very easy, really interesting and start giving you the results you probably considered were not possible.  They are.

Ok, great.

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Let’s go…

To your healthy body and a new lease of life.

Best wishes,

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