Ready To Speed Up The Results of ANY Workouts You Do? – Here’s The Simple Missing Link You’ve Been Looking For 🙂

Enjoy Tasty & Nutritious Foods That Stimulate Serious Fat Loss & Help You Get Your Ultimate Body Even Quicker…

“Combine Fast & Short Workouts With Amazing Foods & The Body You Want Will Rapidly Be Uncovered…”

Hi there,

So you’ve probably heard the saying:  ‘you are what you eat’ – right?

Its true 🙂

That’s why I put together this new nutrition system to make it simple and fun to eat amazing and delicious foods that work in harmony with any workout you do to completely change your body from the inside out.

My name is Tristan Lewis, I’m the owner of, a fitness author and professional trainer and a busy dad of 4 young children.

I specialize in helping other busy people get on the right path to their best body ever by building a solid fitness foundation focusing on quicker, shorter workouts that change your body in the fastest time possible.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that eating the right way should NOT be hard or confusing.  And it should also enhance any exercises you do…

It should be simple, enjoyable and affordable.

Therefore I created The Nutrition Kickstart System as the ultimate nutrition companion guide to help all busy people quickly understand and use a proven clean eating nutrition system (that I use too) to increase the results of their workouts 10 times or more.

You can eat incredibly healthy, enjoy amazing foods AND get that amazing body you want.  I’m serious, so read on…

Successful weight loss and body transformation is completely linked with the right nutrition and eating habits.

Working out is a massive part of the equation – but did you know that by simply understanding your nutrition you can make almost any workout yield incredible results?

You can create an almost immediate short cut to those tight abs, lean hips and that sexy and attractive athletic body.

It’s not rocket science either.

It’s the simple fundamentals and results of just choosing amazing foods that are easy to find, prepare and enjoy.

I like things simple.  I want results for the effort I put in.  I trust you’re the same.

Body Transformation Results Come From Simple and Effective Nutrition Guidance.

So I put together this complete 30 Day Nutrition Kickstart System to completely take the guesswork out of healthy nutrition AND show you the limitless options of delicious meals and snacks, drinks and lunches and much more that you can easily and cheaply add into your life today that will have you on the path to the sort of body transformation results you are hoping for.

Did you know that you can eat a huge selection of incredibly tasty foods and they are actually really good for you?

Great tasting foods do not automatically equal bad food choices.

Great tasting food is actually the easiest option and the RIGHT OPTION for anyone who wants to get healthy from the inside out and see REAL results with their fitness programs.

And today you can have this entire 30 day nutrition system, that shares a huge array of great tasting foods, recipes, and structured 4 week meal plans and grocery lists that are specifically designed to transform your heath and assist in blitzing stubborn body fat.

You can use the system and its rules and guidelines long into the future to continuously help you:

  • Eat amazing foods that prime your body to burn fat as fuel
  • Create new healthy eating habits that fit easily into even the busiest lifestyle
  • Choose energy rich foods that work WITH your training programs
  • Help you understand new and simple and effective eating rules that will change your life and improve your family’s health
  • Save money on junk foods and ‘energy-dead’ processed foods that are harmful to your body
  • Quickly understand calories and how you can simply calculate your daily needs so you can laser focus your fat loss results
  • Say goodbye to the foods you thought were healthy but in fact are stopping you losing fats
  • Eat sensible portions that fully satisfy you and never lead to over eating…

And much more…

This is one of the most important lifestyle changes you could make and its now been simplified and put into a 30 Day Nutriton Kickstart Guide that will change your mindset about healthy food choices and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating that is easy to follow and understand…

And At Last You Can Finally Say Goodbye To these 3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When They Try To Get Results From Any Workout Program:

Mistake 1:  Thinking nutrition doesn’t really matter

It does.  Like it or not, the results you want are just waiting for you behind the door marked “Eat Healthy’.  Once you understand it’s very simple and easy to do you will completely change your lifestyle and also see results from exercise that most other people don’t ever experience.  The Nutrition Kickstart System guides you effortlessly into a new world of fun and delicious eating that teaches you quickly how to eat from this day onwards and into the future.

Mistake 2:  Constant confusion about the calorie and how it affects you

Understanding calories is simple.  Knowing what to eat and why is so easy that you’ll wonder why you didn’t see it this way before.  It’s ok, at first it seems daunting but now you can quickly learn about your calorie needs and then it’s an easy process to set how many you want to eat to really melt stubborn fat using your workouts.

Mistake 3:  A lack of healthy eating options to choose from

When we’re busy it’s very easy to skip meals.  When you don’t have options that are healthy the choices are usually junk snacks or missing meals.  A lot of times the problem is simply not knowing the best things to prepare as healthy snacks and nutritious meals that will sustain you and help your body to burn fat.  Many people also tell themselves that skipping meals means they’ll lose weight.  The opposite is true.  Your body works when its nutritiously fueled up.  All the processes you want from fat loss to muscle tissue repair are active when the body is hydrated (water intake)  and well fueled. (Note: I am not saying ‘over’-fueled)  When you have an arsenal of healthy recipes and food options that are affordable and easy to prepare then helping your body stay fueled and seeing results in your body transformation goals is stupidly easy.

Introducing The Nutrition Kickstart System – Your Easy To Follow 30 Day Complete Diet Makeover!

Recipes, Meal Planners, Grocery Lists & A System that Can Be Easily Modified and Used Over and Over For The Rest Of Your Life!

“All in all I wanted to build a simple nutrition guide that would give you a new and fast understanding of correct nutrition and show you great ways to eat that will speed up the results of your exercise programs.”

The simple program will help you to eat a sensible balance of whole nutritious foods that contain the essential nutrients of clean protein, carbohydrates, healthful fats and fibrous greens and vegetables (tasty ones of course!)

When you quickly transform your eating habits with these simple methods you can then enjoy guilt free those special occasions like weekend family vacations, parties, late nights out with friends and weekly cheat meals where almost any type of food goes! 🙂

The Nutition Kickstart System has been designed with input from top nutrition experts and writers to create a simple system that can teach you the essentials you need to know, based on a 30 day foundation period (without the fluff) and provide you with an understanding and a plan that can be modified to your lifestyle and used over and over in the coming months and years on your health journey.


Here is what you will get in your NEW Nutrition Kickstart System

Component 1The Nutrition Kickstart System Manual

The Complete System Manual


  • NEW updated calorie info section
  • How  to calculate your daily calorie needs
  • All recipes, prep and instructions
  • All nutrition information per recipe
  • All meal schedule planners
  • All grocery list
  • Full COLOR images for all recipes
  • And more…

Component 2The NKS Meal Planner Guide

Your 4 Week Foundation Eating Guide


  • Each of your first 4 weeks fully laid out for you
  • Follow along meal schedules so you know what to eat
  • Structured meals with specific macro-nutrient counts

Component 3The NKS 4 Week Foundation Grocery Lists

The Complete System Manual


  • Complete shopping lists using the NKS
  • Organized food choices to cover all tastes
  • Specific quantities so no need to guess

Component 4The NKS Breakfast Recipes Book

12 Brand NEW Breakfast Recipes


  • Gluten Free fast breakfast ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

Component 5The NKS Lunch Recipe Book

12 Brand NEW Lunch Recipes


  • Gluten Free fast delicious lunch ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

Component 6The NKS Dinner Recipes Book

12 Brand NEW Dinner Recipes


  • Gluten Free fast satisfying dinner ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

Component 7The NKS Snacks Under 150 Calories Recipe Book

12 Brand NEW Snacks Under 150 Calories Recipes


  • Gluten Free fast tasy low calorie snack ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

Component 8The NKS Smoothies Recipe Book

12 Brand NEW Smoothie Recipes


  • Gluten Free fast delicious and satisfying smoothie ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

Component 9The NKS Vegetarian Recipes Book

8 Brand NEW Lunch Recipes


  • Gluten Free yummy Vegetarian Recipe ideas
  • Full nutrition information
  • Full color images
  • Prep and full instructions and servings

NEW BONUS! Component 10The NKS Kitchen Measurements InfoGraphic

Quick Reference Measurement Conversion Chart


  • NEW Bonus – as requested by my clients and customers!
  • Easy to reference conversion and measurement chart
  • Unique Concept & Design by Spanish Artist Borja Pandero
  • 2 Version (mobile or printout edition)
  • Full COLOR hi res graphics

You Get all This Today:

The Nutrition Kickstart System Manual.
The NKS Meal Planner Guide.
The NKS 4 Weeks Grocery Shopping Lists.
68 BRAND NEW NKS Recipes (Gluten Free).
Full Color images with full prep and step by step instructions.
All nutrition information for every recipe.
NEW Calorie guide shows you how to exactly determine your calorie needs to melt through stubborn fat and get the body you want.

*Plus:The NKS Kitchen Measurements InfoGraphic

*All of the recipes in this book are gluten-free, made with coconut flour or almond flour where flour is needed. Both of these flours are significantly lower in carbohydrates than all-purpose flour and this simple switch will help you to reduce your carb intake on both your normal and low-carb days. The recipes in this book are also mostly dairy-free, making use of milk alternatives like almond milk and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and focusing on healthy fats like olive and coconut oil instead of butter.

This is the only nutrition guide you need to make any workout you do 10 times more effective and get you the body you want faster than ever before.

The Nutrition Kickstart System gives you full control of the next 30 days and beyond and what you learn here will allow you to start a new way of eating that will change your life.

Who Is Tristan?

Hi, as I quickly mentioned above, I’m Tristan and I am the founder and owner of

I’m a fitness professional and also a very busy dad of 4 little ones.

My interest and passion is helping other busy people to make great changes in both their bodies and also their lifestyles to feel great about themselves. I like to help other people just like me (the people I can fully relate to) who want to be able to add fun and effective exercise and workouts into their lives and get onto a new path to fitness and healthy living that suits the modern day busy man and woman.

For over 20 years I’ve been involved in fitness but the most satisfying time (even though it was incredibly stressful at first) was working out how to juggle being REALLY busy and also getting in the best shape of my life, with new workouts and sensible but easy to follow nutrition guidance. I want to help you do the same following fun workouts and simple healthy eating and nutrition advice.

You can check out more about me here and if you need anything just let me know.

Being busy is not an excuse to miss out on amazing things in our lives – and getting fit and healthy – no matter if you’re a man or a woman – is absolutely possible without wasting any time in our days and simply following the right advice.

If you’re busy, if you’re ready to get incredibly fit and healthy and if you’re finally determined to uncover the best body you’ve ever had then I’m here to help. I get it, and I can totally relate.

Enjoy The Nutrition Kickstart System and I look forward to helping you on a new and exciting health journey 🙂

My best!

Completely Risk Free…

Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Could you tell me what’s included in the NKS?

Sure.  You get a full 30 day nutrition system.  It includes 68 brand New recipes covering Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothie Recipes and the new Snacks Under 150 Calories and our favorite Vegetarian recipes.

You also get the new NKS manual which explains everything you need to know about calories and understanding (simply) how to calculate your calorie needs per day to strategically set yourself up to lose fat.

And you get the 4 Week Meal Planner Guide and 4 Weeks Grocery Shopping lists.

And the NEW Bonus: The NKS Kitchen Measurements Info-Graphic.


The program covers 30 Days and the full duration of your new Busy Person’s 30 Day Fitness Kickstart Challenge.  Can you tell me what happens after the 30 days?

Yes, I decided to put together a full 30 day system to allow people to really understand the concepts behind healthy and nutritious clean eating in a period of days that studies show allows us humans to fully process and understand key concepts.  In fact numerous studies show that if you do anything new for 21-30 days these habits form correctly and solidify and become part of your life.  The recipes and eating plans –even though they cover 30 days – are all designed to be mixed and modified by you as much as you like so the system can be used for many months, and its put together to give you confidence and understanding of how to easily and quickly plan your meals from here on out. The big thing is that it was important to me to give a sensible and realistic time frame to really focus on these eating habits and recipes.  I don’ want to confuse people at the start of a new eating guide by suddenly throwing 3-4 months worth of different recipes.

The NKS gives you the tools you need to continue to eat balanced nutritious foods that taste amazing and change your body (in unison with any workouts you do) from the inside out.  You’ll quickly find it easy to put your meals together yourself and select the recipes you love on your own, and know the type of foods to order for when you’re going out to eat as well.

I will however be bringing new recipe books to FamilyManFitness soon that cover multiple months so I’ll keep you informed as I get them ready.  They’ll compliment the NKS.


Are these recipes in the NKS gluten free?

All of the recipes in this book are gluten-free, made with coconut flour or almond flour where flour is needed. Both of these flours are significantly lower in carbohydrates than all-purpose flour and this simple switch will help you to reduce your carb intake on both your normal and low-carb days. The recipes in this book are also mostly dairy-free, making use of milk alternatives like almond milk and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and focusing on healthy fats like olive and coconut oil instead of butter.


Are they family friendly?

Yes they are!  My wife and I have to cook foods that our children love too, or meal times are a bit of a pain in my bum. These are great for the entire family.


What is the big goal of the NKS?

To make it easy to understand clean eating and speed up all your fat loss and weight loss results.  The importance of creating new nutrition habits and understanding energy balance (calories and how to burn off more than you consume) can’t be overstated. And its all explained inside.  I want you to see how simple it can be to understand nutrition and how to eat great foods as you set your body up to burn fat for fuel (making any workouts you do truly effective)


Can I simply follow the recipes and then when I’m ready get into calorie counting?

Of course! Firstly, this is not a book about calorie counting.  It explains the idea behind knowing what your body needs daily and how and what to eat so you create a calorie deficit to burn fat. BUT many of my clients at first want to get familiar with their workouts and simply eat great foods that are also nutritionally dense and effective for fat loss.  Once they’re familiar with these tasty food choices that are effective and healthy they simply check out the information about calories and energy balance and get more dialed in.  So there is no pressure to jump right into the full calorie information.  In fact it’s good to build a bit of a base understanding and enjoy cooking these great foods then you can dive in further to the specifics…


Can I get the ingredients from any food store or market?

Absolutely, one of the biggest things I find with a busy life is I need to be able to make my shopping trips easy and quick.  I don’t see any point in creating recipes that require I go to some obscure store to buy ingredients.


Do the recipes include meal prep?

Yes, and color images and nutrition information as well.


Is the NKS one book or many?

I did both for you.  I have it ready as one full book and also as separate recipes books and guidebooks so you can use what you prefer.


Can I print out the NKS and also have it on my cell phone or tablet?

Yes you certainly can. (see below)


I’m not too familiar with digital books, can you tell me how that works?

Digital products and books save everyone money, and they also save resources.  You will get immediate access to your private download page with links to your Nutrition Kickstart System Products that you simply click and download to your computer and/or mobile devices. You can print or view them on ANY device. Some people do print them out, but most people enjoy how easy it is to simply open all their digital books on their phone or tablet. The benefit of this is we save resources and you have all your NKS Digital Books neatly organized for you all in one place, accessible at any time.

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