Many times workouts are structured around full body training, which as you know is something I completely agree with for time saving and increased caloric burning etc.

But I don’t ever neglect to focus also on split workouts (upper or lower) as well.

I put together a fast 10 minute workout focusing on the lower body.

This is aimed at ladies and is designed around the exercises from my bootcamps.  However it is equally good for men of course and quite a challenge.

So check it out and please share with your friends.

You can also get many more workouts like this to compliment it for free by picking up a my full free workout system here if you have not already, or try the NEW Short Circuit Fat Loss Program I just created that include the use of the push up as an exercise of choice in the workouts – and now use these variations in it.

Best wishes and I hope your doing well,



*Any questions just send them my way 🙂


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