Sprinting gives you abs – period.

Hi – sorry its been a couple days since my last blog post.
Kids got sick (that time of year) and as I’m on daddy day care duties its ups to me to run them to the doctors and all that good stuff… 
Crazy how when one gets sick they all do.  Especially when my wife is out of town…hmmmmmmm..
Anyhow.  Here’s a workout for you.
Its ONLY 10 minutes.
It includes sprinting.
And its HIGHLY effective, not only for getting your core in shape but really working your hip flexors and the often neglected lower abs.
The very act of running will activate muscles that many times are not used (as much) during typical resistance or bodyweight workouts)
Growing up, and most of my life, I’ve played team sports like soccer and rugby.  There really is no way to replicate the constant exertion or movement patterns you encounter with those sports in any other standard exercise.
Think about it:
You are carrying your own weight constantly.
But not only that, you’re moving at varying speeds and varying angles.  Stopping, sprinting, running, changing direction etc.
All this has massive positive impact on your fitness and body composition.

One of the big benefits of this type of sport/activity is the sprinting component.

Sprinting (if you do it occasionally) is a wonderful style of exercise to change your body appearance in rapid time (think fat loss and tight core to name a couple)
I like to incorporate sprints into my bootcamp classes, but also changes of direction, quick turns and other fast running patterns that are SHORT but highly effective.
Here is a fast 10 minute workout using sprints and some body weight exercises to give you a great workout.
This will smoke you!
But it will feel amazing afterwards:
Tristan’s 10 Minute Compass Sprints Fat Loss Body Changing Workout
Set a timer for 10 minutes (after a 2-4 minute light stretch and simple cardio warm up (cycling etc)
Your workout area (outside / school field / back yard etc) will consist of a simple compass shape with 5 cones or markers on the floor: The 4 outer cones around 20-30 yards from center…
Like this:
You start at the center.
1) When the timer begins you run/sprint SOUTH
2) You then sprint NORTH…
3) You then sprint to the center and EAST
4) You then sprint to the center and WEST…
Now your revved up…
Here’s the ‘block’
5) Sprint to the middle and perform 10 Push up Up Twists
6) Sprint then to NORTH and perform 10 burpees or walkout burpees
7) Sprint to center then burst out to EAST and perform 10 Spiderman knee outs
8) Sprint from here to center then SOUTH perform 10 explosions
9) Sprint to center and WEST and perform 10 in and out seated leg outs
10) walk to the center, walk NORTH (this is your only ‘rest’ period) take in as much air as possible…
(of course if you need a rest, pause the timer and take 60 seconds etc)
REPEAT the BLOCK as many times as you can in 10 minutes (15 mins for advanced)
Here’s the thing:
*You won’t get a lot of blocks in, but that does not matter, what matters is the constant change of sprint pace to ‘static’ exercise puts your body through a consistent switch out of different exercise types and ramps up fat burning through the roof.
You will get fit and conditioned as well as stronger, better co-ordinated an you’ll put yourself into fat burning mode.
This workout is awesome (when its over 😉
Good luck and let me know any questions…
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